Missed Connections - Acoustic EP

by Eyewitness

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Recorded in Keith's apartment, 2013.


released November 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Eyewitness Los Angeles, California

Punk-Rock / Pop-Punk from Los Angeles, CA.

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Track Name: Point Blank
I'm knocking at your front door, pounding away like there's nothing I've wanted more
I can see the floorboards, your shadows move but I'm left in the cold
Dim the lights in your house, close your blinds leave me to figure it out
A car pulls on your driveway, I hesitate but I won't lose my place

Take me back to when the nights turned into days
Your clock rang seven times, but our eyes were still awake
I traced your cursive with a steady hand
"I'll never leave your side again"

Was that true? Or were you faking?
In my head for the taking

I found all the things you've thrown away
Take it back, remember my name
Those days, those years, I've wasted away
Screaming this at point blank, but you still don't know what I'm saying
and now i'm falling away

Back to the place where we used to go
Just you and me no other soul
Speak to me, I'm screaming can you hear me
And in my circle of friends, I am a lonely square,
thinking about what I've done do deserve this kind of care

And I wonder how I've came so far along all by myself
I've been pushing everyone away for so long I can't tell
If they've all just given up on me or if I'm hard to please
It's getting harder to pretend that I'm okay, that i'm happy
When tomorrow I'll pretend again
Track Name: Float Away
Lately I've been wandering streets by myself
Lost in my own head, but I can't find a way
Taking the high road just to feel the bottom floor
Pushing heaviness right out my front door

And we'll float away
Into an ocean of grey
And I'll drown in every single wave

I'm gonna find a way, I'm gonna swim the seas
To be a better man that I have ever been
I'm gonna cut the ties that's been fraying
I'm gonna cut them off, no way back to me
Track Name: Farewell
I'm going back now to where I truly belong
You'll never find me forever
I'm leaving this town because everyone was wrong
You'll never find me, because I'm clever

All I need are the clothes on my back
This ain't goodbye, but it's pretty close to that

Run for the sun, adventures just begun
Hiding places, different faces
Nights together in November
What's done is done, and I'm never looking back
I bid farewell to my past

We're almost there now, a few more miles to go
Our destination is arriving
A burning feeling, a fire deep inside
I've never felt this, what I've been thriving

This is where I was always meant to be
Adrenaline flows inside of me