Cope To Coast

by Eyewitness

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released May 6, 2014

by Listening-Post Music
All Music Recorded by Eyewitness
Additional Guitars by Richard Vanderstelt in "Hometown"
Recorded by Jonas Vece in 2014.



all rights reserved


Eyewitness Los Angeles, California

Punk-Rock / Pop-Punk from Los Angeles, CA.

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Track Name: Hometown
I woke up to find this city sleeping, it was fine before I left.
But years have past, now everything’s a mess.
I walk the streets to see the scenery, it was clear that everything is broken down, we’re living in a wreck. It’s a shame what we became.

Everybody hates their hometown, everybody wants a way out, all we gotta do is find a way to escape. Everybody hopes for difference, everybody’s wrong, if you knew anything about this town, you’d want to burn it straight down to the ground.

What you see is what you get, and I can see the same thing from everybody. It’s like everyone just tries to be like everybody, it’s so disappointing.
I have tried to memorize all the kids back home, because I see them at every single show. And it’s unsettling to see them there, arms crossed high with empty stares, each one is concerned, conforms and compares to what they wear and how much they don’t care.

Of all of the things that I have learned, it’s burn, because I’d rather burn than to get burned.
Track Name: Open Door
I can’t pretend like this doesn’t matter anymore, I’ve felt so dead from a truth that I can’t ignore.
I’ve never been so scared of telling everything, but what’s the point when you refuse to even hear me speak.
I can’t pretend like I don’t feel your stare, I feel so spent right through your burning glare. I’ve never been so sure, I’m taking everything I’m out that door.

For once I’m following footsteps though an open door what I’m looking for.
For once I’m leaving it behind all the burdens and goodbyes.
For once I’m making my stance here, take the weight off me just set me free.
For once I’m leaving it behind, scream the words that was inside.

Every step alone I get stronger on my own.
Small steps: its steps ahead, I’m not hoping how, I’m just wishing when.
You’ll see how I don’t choose this life, but maybe its given to me, I don’t believe in everything you think, we can agree to just disagree.
Track Name: Situations
I put my heart on the line, but I’m so far past it, that I don’t know where my feelings lie or where my body exists.
I threw my heart for the western coast, pushed everything that I loved the most, and realized that night that once again I’m useless, but I don’t care.

I walk alone, the lonely road it’s the only road I’ve ever known since I’m so content on my two feet.
I read your note, you talked in past tense, and I’m cold as stone still trying to get past this, six years with nothing left to keep.

You made me, now I’m nothing; you erased me like I’m what you wrote down.
You’re taking what I wanted, and I’m facing what I’ve lost and what’s found.
But I want to get lost in the sound, where I’m going I don’t want to be found. I want to get lost in the sound, until you come around.

I closed my eyes in the light, but I saw much better, and I don’t know if I cut the ties or if it’s me that’s been severed.
Every time that I want to blink, it’s only you that I want to see, I’ll try and get some sleep, but once again I’m useless but you don’t care.

Why do I put myself in these situations?
Track Name: Point Blank
I’m knocking at your front door pounding away like there's nothing I’ve wanted more.
I can see the floorboards, your shadows move but I’m left in the cold.
Dim the lights in your house, close your blinds leave me to figure it out.
A car pulls on your driveway, I hesitate but I won’t lose my place.

Take me back to when the nights turn into days.
Your clock rang seven times but our eyes were still awake.
I traced your cursive with a steady hand, “I’ll never leave your side again.”

Was that true, or were you faking? In my head, for the taking.

I found all the things you‘ve thrown away, take it back remember my name.
Those days those years, I’ve wasted away.
I’m screaming this at point blank, but you still don’t know what I’m saying.
So now I’m falling away

Back to the place we used to go, just you and me no other soul. Speak to me.
I’m screaming can you hear me?
In my circle of friends, I am a lonely square, thinking about what I’ve done to deserve this kind of care.

And I wonder how I’ve came so far along all by myself.
I’ve been pushing everyone away for so long I can’t tell if they’ve all just given up on me or if I’m hard to please.
It’s getting harder to pretend that I’m okay, that I’m happy. When tomorrow I’ll pretend again.
Track Name: Float Away
Lately I’ve been wandering streets by myself,
Lost in my own head, but I can’t find a way.
Taking the high road, just to feel the bottom floor,
Pushing heaviness, right out my front door.

We’ll float away into an ocean of grey, and I’ll drown in every single wave.

I’m gonna find a way, I’m gonna swim the seas,
To be a better me that I have ever been,
I’m gonna cut the ties that’s been fraying,
I’m gonna cut them off, no way back to me.
Track Name: Maples
The streets have never looked so better in my life.
It was raining but you were driving, we were following headlights.
Calamity was dancing in the backseat of your car,
But I didn’t care as long as you were there.

I took a pebble as my only souvenir.
I kept it close inside my pocket to remind me that you’re near.
By the lighthouse where we were hiding from everything that was in sight,
And you were there, and everything felt right.

You showed me your scars, I showed you my wounds,
We both have healing to do.

The compass in my chest in spins directionless but hope turns it
Anywhere my heart believes its true.
Spin the needle where it may, I’ll follow it until I’m dead,
But here and now my compass turns to you.

I saw the maples burn red like fire burning inside your head and I stared at a stare that tore me apart.
You spun me in circles, I swung but I missed you and now I’m the one seeing stars.

You gave me your word, I gave you mine too.
How far will words get us through?

I count the distance between us, the days till I see you,
The stars in my head lead this road.
I write the feelings I’m feeling, the memories I’m missing.
The pull in my chest just won’t let go.